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About the company

Inwag Systems company was founded in 1999 as a team of people with long-term experience in scale industry.

It is the experience in manufacturing and sales of scales made us select for you the best technological solutions and our products win a multitude of satisfied customers thanks to their reliability and simplicity in servicing. Thanks to it, the biggest companies from different industry branches trusted us.
We also co-operate with many scale-manufacturing companies. Such companies like: Fabryka Wag Kalisto, Kersh Wagi, Herkules Wagi in the moment of foundation used our experience and technical support.
The main specialty of our company is electronic truck scales. We offer complex services in terms of truck scales, starting from production, through delivery to assembly. In our offer you shall also find platform scales, bench scales, shop scales as well as load cells of many companies recognized in the world.
We are one of a few companies in the world which possesses indicators and scales with the possibility of data transmission via Bluetooth.
As a team of experienced experts, at any time we shall serve you with our knowledge and assistance. We guarantee products of the highest class, reliable and proven by many satisfied customers.
We possess a set of necessary spare parts for immediate usage, while our servicing department is equipped in the most modern equipment for scales diagnostics and repairs.
For the customers who shall sign service agreements we guarantee the repair of the scale within 24 hours.
As one of a few companies we possess TÜV certificate for evaluation of conformity allowing the newly assembled scales for usage.
In order to improve the competitiveness of our appliances and services we continuously develop our contacts with famous companies from Poland and abroad, what guarantees good prices and high quality.
We have our own authorizations of type in notified units of NMI (the Netherlands) and Delta (Denmark) for indicators and scales.
INWAG Systems company deals with manufacturing, assembly and servicing, as well as sale of electronic scales and weighing systems. The effort of our company employees was directed to improvement of already existing structures, elaboration of new, in terms of technology, less work consuming, less material consuming, more reliable and at the same time cheaper constructions. We continuously do our best for our offer to satisfy your needs in a sufficient way. All the appliances manufactured by us were elaborated by our own team of constructors.
We encourage you to use our services. We guarantee efficient and professional realization of commissioned works. We kindly bring you in to getting familiar with our offer in details.
Inwag Systems
Legionów Polskich 43
99-220 Wartkowice
NIP: 828-110-88-38

tel. +48.43678-56-31
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