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Laboratory balances of Inwag Systems of Nevada series, thanks to the application of a superprecise Japanese weighing mechanism characterize with great stability and short measuring time. The modern design, readable 16.5 mm LCD display with white LED highlight and low price are the Great advantages of Nevada scales.
Depending on the accuracy of reading, we would like to offer scales with the load capacity from 150g to 6000g. The scales are equipped in RS-232 and battery supply enough for 35 hours of continuous work. The scales with the load capacity up to 1500g are equipped additionally in a glass anti-blow protection. The series of Nevada scales have the following functions: summing of weights, selection of mass unit, counting of pieces, goods percentage deviation control.
It is optionally also possible to transmit data via Bluetooth or USB. Additionally, the scales may be equipped in a hanger for hanging the weighed element. At customer’s wish, the scales of Nevada series are calibrated.
Each self-respecting laboratory shall be equipped in the scales of Nevada series.
Together with the scale you receive a bonus for calibration.
Balances of Inwag Systems of Nevada series area perfect quality for small price.

Model Nevada Mini Nevada Nevada +
Display LCD 16,5 mm with a highlight with the use of white LED
Work temperature 0o - + 40oC
Housing ABS plastic
Maximum number of scales 30000 <60000 150000
Power supply Feeder(9V/800 mA), internal accumulator (6V, 4Ah)
Dish size Round 80mm (150g), 120mm (300-1500g), rectangle < 1500g
Load capacityi 300g/600g/1500g/3000g 150g/1500g
Scale weight 2,9kg load capacities up to 1500g, 2,7kg load capacities 1500g and more
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