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Truck scales

Truck scales are the main specialty of Inwag Systems company. Hundreds of truck scales assembled in the whole Poland gives you assurance and reliability that the scales fixed by us shall serve you in a faultless manner for a very long time. We are sure that our scales characterize with the best ratio of price to quality and the trust put in us by the biggest Polish and international companies are the best indicator of it. We hope that you shall trust us either and join the wide group of satisfied customers.
Truck scale works out perfectly in hard industrial conditions. It is a perfect solution for companies purchasing and selling mass goods. Truck scales offered by us characterize with lots of advantages. They are fast and efficient in assembly thanks to what it is possible to replace them in the future. They are durable and resistant to corrosion, and what follows, do not require maintenance.
They additionally possess modern software and simplicity of joining the weighing system with other systems.

Concrete structure platform

Waga samochodowa

Pre-fabricated elements of foundations together with a unit of platforms which are assembled on the prepared base are delivered to the place of seating. The prefabricated elements are made of B55 concrete. The platform is supported on tensometric mass sensors. The platform is placed on the foundation so that its driving surface is located on the road level (deepened scale – the total depth of ca. 510 mm).

The advantage of the solution is great stability of the platform – because of its weight. The concrete platform is totally resistant to corrosion; it can be applied in chemically aggressive environment with success. The foundation edges as well as the platform sides are both constructed in such a way so that the platform did not freeze to the foundations in winter conditions and so that it was possible to clean the scales off the contamination collecting in it without the necessity of taking the platform out of the foundations. In our offer you shall find the prefabricated concrete scales with the lengths from 6 to 24 m. The photographs show the process of truck scales assembly with the prefabricated concrete platform.

Steel structure platform

Waga samochodowa

A steel platform is an alternative for a concrete platform. The platform characterizes with light structure which can in easy way, without the necessity of using heavy equipment, assembled on the place of usage and at any time disassembled in order to move the scales to a different place. The driving platform is made of riffled plate with the thickness of 10 mm. The scales with the steel platform as well as the concrete scales may be assembled in two ways, as a lifted scale or as a driven on scale.

For the deepened scales foundations have to be prepared while the lifted scales require realization of combined footings and tracks on. The steel platforms characterize with small height, so no long drives are necessary what leads to saving place, time and money (smaller expenses of making tracks on). Truck scales with a steel platform may be realized in any size desired by you. Our constructors are at your disposal and shall design the scales adequate for your expectations.
Truck scales are supported on tensometric transducers. Depending on the length, the scale may be supported on 4, 6, 8 or even 10 tensometric transducers. The tensometric transducers are connected with the scales terminal via the connection box. One screened cable connects the box with the scales terminal that is scales measuring appliance, set in the operator’s room. It is possible to connect the scales terminal (couple RS 232, RS 485 or Bluetooth) with a PC computer with special software for weighing vehicles installed – this is when the post is served from the computer terminal level. It is also possible to connect the large-size external display of the weight result visible in every conditions of light intensity, set of lights and gates for adjustment of the vehicles move on the scales to the scales terminal. Our offer includes also prefabricated tracks for lifted scales.
Inwag Systems company offers you manufacturing of truck scales starting from the basis together with construction works, the so-called complex turnkey realization.
For companies which are able to carry out construction works on their own, we shall assure full technical documentation for free.
We encourage contacting with the Customer Service Office in order to get more information.
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