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Retail scales of Inwag Systems of Aspen/Queen series prove perfectly as far as trade is concerned. Thanks to internal battery supply, enough for 90 hours of continuous work they are perfect for shops as well as market squares, portable market posts or fruit / vegetables purchase/selling points.
Simple servicing, big LCD display with white LED, 20-button membrane keyboard with the possibility of memorizing PLU and many useful functions such as summing of weights, calculation of change, etc. make the scale irreplaceable in transactions with customers.
Aspen/Queen scales are equipped in a display for the customer on the arm, Aspen T/Queen T scales are equipped in a display for the customer right under the scale dish. It is optionally possible to transmit data or to connect the ECR reader via RS-232 port.
The scales of Aspen/Queen series are accessible with the maximum load capacity from 6 kg to 30 kg.
In connection with the fact, that we have authorization of the type for scales of Aspen/Queen series, all the shop scales are sold as legalized.


Model Aspen/Queen Aspen T / Queen T
Maksymalna rozdzielczość 1/3000,  1/6000 or double scope
Work temperature 0o - +40o C
Housing ABS plastic
Display FFront and arm: LCD 20mm Front and back: LCD 20 mm
Maximum number of scales 3000 e / 6000 e / or double scope
Keyboard 20 buttons 20 buttons
Dish size 230x300 mm Stainless steel
Power supply Feeder (9V/800mA), Accumulator (6V,4Ah)
Scale weight 6 kg 5 kg
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