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Accessories for scales

Software programme

Inwag Systems computer software is designed in such a way so that it was easy and troubleless to register all the measurements taken. The software have data basis of goods, contractors, measurements, drivers, cars, etc. It is possible to make a print-out of each measurement. While double weighing, the programme recognizes, on the basis of mass differences whether the goods receipt (PZ print-out) or distribution (WZ print-out) took place. The programme has the function of analyses of measurements with reference to differentiated criteria that is date, goods, contractor, receipt, distribution, etc. It is also possible to connect such appliances as a video camera (a photograph of a car in the moment of weighing), proximity card reader, lights or a barrier. The weighing programme of Inwag Systems allows for complete automatization of weighing process, so that it took place in a serviceless manner.

Thermal printer AB 58MK

In order to print out scale tickets, we recommend the usage of thermal printer. Wherever it is necessary for quick and uncomplicated printing, the thermal printer of AB 58MK is found successful. Quick printing of 60mm/s, easy connection and troubleless replacement of paper as well as small sizes of tickets (width of 58mm) are great advantages of the thermal printer of AB 58MK. The very printer does not take much space either.

Large-size display

Display wielkogabarytowy

We offer a large-size display for truck or platform scales, which can be assembled outside so that the result of weighing was visible from long distances. The large-size displays are equipped in superlight diodes. Big, double, 10-cm digits are visible in all lightening conditions and in case of much sun. After 30 seconds in which the result shown on the scale does not change, the display shall move into stand-by function, it is the power saving function. The screen saving function may present the information text: Company name, Welcome to, Open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., etc.

Proximity card readers

Czytnik kart transponderowych

If you have regular buyers or suppliers or if only your employees use the truck scale, we recommend you buying additionally proximity card readers. With the use of proximity cards readers it is possible to carry out automatization of the weighing process. It is possible to assign one proximity card to the given car or driver which shall identify the car or the driver in the weighing process. The programme shall record the date, hour and weight both at entrance or exit of the car and on the basis of the difference of weights record the weigh to "in plus" or "in minus".


Sygnalizacja Świetlna

In order to make the movement on the scale more efficient, it is possible to install signalization lights red/green. They can be connected via the computer programme with the proximity card reader in order to automate the traffic on the scale.



The barrier prevents the truck scale from unauthorized access on the scale. The barriers may by manually controlled (from a remote) or automatically by a computer programme. So as the light signalization, the barrier may be connected via computer programme with the reader of proximity cards. The traffic on the scale takes place practically in serviceless manner.

Scale watch-boxes

Budka Wagowa

Inwag Systems company has in its offer many scale rooms, the so-called watch-boxes. Scale watch-boxes differ with dimensions (from 2.3m x 2.3m to 6m x 3m) and equipment, that is blinders, sanitary appliances, air conditioning, number of windows, internal installations, external installations, furniture, etc. We encourage to contacting with our customer service office in order to get more information.

Video cameras

Inwag Systems company has the possibility of connecting video cameras, both in order to identify the car while weighing (the photograph while recording the measurements) as well as to control the goods found in the car. Depending on your needs, we offer video cameras with white and black or colourful image with the possibility of working during the night, etc. We encourage to contacting with our customer service office in order to get more information.

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